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The OMSS Annual Competition

The Society's annual model competition

The "ON PARADE" show is also the venue for the Society's Annual Competition. 

The competition is open to all and entry is free.

The purpose of the competition is to:
1. Provide a showcase for Society members and other modelers to display their work to their fellow modelers and to the public.
2. Recognize and encourage excellence in modeling military miniatures.

The competition is not just about winning awards. Modelers of all skill levels can benefit from seeing their work side by side with that of other painters. We can all draw inspiration from each others' work. And the display of all facets of the hobby makes for a more impressive public presentation that promotes the Society and the hobby. For those who would rather not compete there is the option of entering figures for display only.

The model soldier hobby encompasses a wide range of interests and the OMSS competition reflects this by including types of entries not found in other shows' competitions. One of these is groups of figures painted in the traditional toy soldier style. (Typically but not limited to glossy finish) These will often be figures cast from home-made or commercial molds.

Another unique feature of the OMSS competition is that it includes collectors as well as painters. Collectors are challenged to present commercially produced figures in themed displays and dioramas that are judged on interest and presentation.

In recent years enthusiasts of large scale action figures have started to participate in our shows and we have included them in the competition as well.

While the emphasis is on military history, fictional and fantasy figures are welcome.

Unlike most model shows the OMSS competition is not organized in classes. Entries are not segregated by scale, period, subject matter or type. In the absence of a rigid class system, our judging philosophy is to judge the entries based on what they are. Whether it be a single painted figure, conversion or scratchbuilt, vignette or diorama, vehicle or artillery model, toy soldier band, wargaming unit or collector's display, criteria specific to that type of entry will be used to assess how well the entrant has achieved his purpose.

For further information on rules and awards please download our Competition info package.


Figures in competition

Figures in competition

OMSS trophies

 Annual competition medals

OMSS trophies

 Annual competition trophies


Past Competition Winners

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